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Hello! We are Techery! We handcraft beautiful Web and Mobile applications for everyone from startups to multinational corporations. Techery goes beyond the formal definition of a company. We are a team, and every team has common goals and beliefs. We care about what we do as well as about how we do it.
3 мая 2018

Middle/Senior Backend Developer (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, Днепр $2000–4000

Hello, we are Techery and we create amazing web&mobile applications.
We are engaged in consulting and product development, helping customers turn ideas into solutions, plus we create own projects.
Our projects range from small, but very difficult from a technical point of view, such as crowdmics.com, to the social network with millions of users. We focus on complex solutions so the customer is always confident in the quality of the application and developers enjoy working with the code and can be proud of themselves and their team.
We’re looking for experienced Backend Engineers to grow our team.
More insight into our work process: We never write code that “just works”, always having a big picture in mind and utilizing best architectural practices. We are searching people like us, who want to make quality products that will last. We also expect you to know design patterns and how to apply them, advantages of functional code vs. OOP and vice versa.
We believe that writing tests is mandatory and use several frameworks for that depending on the test types, but knowing all the frameworks are not required, it’s enough just to know why and how to write tests.
Currently, our stack consists of Postgres, Couchbase, and Cassandra, we use advantages of both relational and document-oriented databases and will continue to do so. You think that there are better alternatives, we can always discuss that in our interview.
We believe in CI/CD and use Docker containers with Jenkins pipelines, so at least basic knowledge of them would be a good sign.
Last but not least, we think that every developer should know differences between HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2, how to do API versioning, etc, ...
Technologies: PHP / Elixir / Nodejs / Typescript Postgres, Cassandra

If you want to participate in the mobile project with 50+ people in the team to face the complexity and scalable Facebook level architecture, we are waiting for you.

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