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15 февраля 2021

QA Automation Trainee


Необходимые навыки

Understanding of OOP principles;
Basic knowledge of Java (C#) programming language;
Basic knowledge of Selenium WebDriver;
Basic HTML / XML, CSS, the ability to write CSS and XPATH locators;
Knowledge of testing methods and technologies, understanding of formal processes (Scrum, Kanban, etc.) and approaches to software development (TDD / BDD, etc.)
Logical operators;
Types of data;
Signature of method;
Loops (if, for, switch);
VCS (Git);
Main commands (commit, pull/push, merge/rebase);
Branches, merge, merge conflict, stash, cherry pick;
Intermediate level of English or higher.

Будет плюсом

Personal skills:

Discipline and strong attention to details;
The ability to work in a team.


Challenging tasks & professional growth;
A friendly experienced team;
Up to 50% compensation of educational courses and conferences price for professional growth;
Free English classes;
23 business days of paid leave;
Fascinating corporate events;
Gifts for significant life events.

О проекте

Our company is looking for talented candidates to join our team as a QA Automation Trainee. It’s full time training. In case you finish the training successfully we can offer you a job in our projects.


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