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Techstack Ltd

21...80 специалистов
Гонконг (Гонконг)

We are a team of ambitious and energetic IT professionals. Our philosophy is a total IT service.

A few facts about us:

-Founded by engineers
That is exactly why we clearly understand how necessary it is to build a process in order to maximally focus on the product performance.

-Focused on skills
Our company consists of the best specialists who build, respect and improve the development process.

-Involved in communication
Our developers are part of the product. The success of the product is your success.

We use all the resources our employees need for their development — such as a library, meetups, loyalty program, etс

-Provided with a healthy workplace environment
We created a comfortable environment for our employees. Everything to focus on the result.

We always look for new talents — just drop us a line!