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26 січня 2024

DevOps Engineer (вакансія неактивна)

Харків, Львів, Лісабон (Португалія), віддалено

About the project

We are helping ​​the globally recognized leader in the technology sector, specializing in network hardware and software, to enhance and update a comprehensive cloud-native security platform to meet the stringent standards of FedRAMP certification. This platform, designed to secure enterprise workloads across multi-cloud and on-premises environments, presents a unique challenge in balancing operational efficiency, robust security, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

The Team

5 GoLang/DevOps engineers

Processes and Instruments

We are currently engaged in a complex migration project for our client, which involves transitioning their existing product onto a government cloud platform. This task is driven by the need to comply with the rigorous FedRAMP certification standards. Our collaborative approach means we work closely with the client’s PaaS and other relevant teams, leveraging VPC, EKS, and Network infrastructure to ensure a comprehensive and efficient migration process.

Key tools, including Grafana and ArgoCD, are utilized to facilitate the necessary updates to the k8s and AWS infrastructure. Our primary goal during this process is to ensure these updates align with the product’s unique requirements for a successful migration.

In addition to the migration, our team is concurrently focused on enhancing our CI/CD and IaaC practices. By streamlining our development and setup processes, we aim to improve efficiency and adaptability, ensuring our operations can effectively scale in accordance with project demands.

Tech stack:

— GoLang.

— AWS, EKS, Terraform, Cloud Formation, CDK.

— Kubernetes, Helm, Kustomize, Docker.

— Grafana, Prometheus, Loki.

— ArgoCD, Jenkins.

— Git, GitHub, GitHub Actions.

Our Principles

— Quality: We’re committed to delivering high-quality results, with excellence reflected in both the process and the final output.

— Support: Our team thrives on collaboration, fostering an environment where each member uplifts and supports the others.

— Best Practices: We adhere to industry best practices in all our work, consistently seeking to improve our skills and processes.

— Efficiency: We strive for simplification in our solutions, aiming to boost efficiency and create user-friendly, maintainable, and scalable systems.

What will you do on this project?

The main goal now is to adapt the product to meet FedRAMP compliance requirements.

— Automate the development, testing, and deployment processes through CI/CD pipelines.

— Automate provisioning AWS infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code.

Knowledge and skills required

— 3+ years of experience in DevOps.

— Cloud engineering experience on AWS.

— Strong background in Kubernetes development and Operations.

— Experience with GoLang.

— Experience with infrastructure as code tools (GitOps, Terraform, Cloud Formation) and version control (Git).

— Experience with various monitoring/logging tools such as Prometheus and Grafana.

— Knowledge of computer networks.

— Upper-intermediate English level.

Would be a plus:

— Experience with Python.

— Experience with FedRAMP cloud-based systems.