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14 вересня 2023

Senior/Lead Engineer with Kotlin and Jetpack Compose


About the project

We are looking for an experienced engineer to join our development team working on projects and task management system.

Our commercial solution makes life easier for those who are drowned in endless issue trackers, letters, meetings, and everything that takes time. Our goal is not to replace existing solutions but to adjust the focus of users’ attention. So that everyone can observe processes, projects, and tasks from the right angle and not waste time on prioritization and switching.

The product includes several subsystems, including desktop and mobile applications.

The Team

5 Engineers

Processes and Instruments

In product development, we build a process based on agile methodologies. The priority is the solutions’ quality rather than the speed of bringing functionality to production.

We widely use static analyzers, pay great attention to code cleanliness and automated tests, and conduct mandatory code reviews for all changes to improve efficiency.

The design of subsystems and API is handled within the Domain-driven Design methodology.

We are using Event Storming to define requirements. And for mid- and long-term planning — Wardley Mapping.

The technology stack that is already used in subsystems:

  • Spine Event Engine (CQRS/ES framework), Java, Kotlin.
  • Protobuf, gRPC.
  • JavaScript/TypeScript, Dart

The server parts of the subsystems are deployed on the Google Cloud platform using containerization and virtualization tools.

In everyday development, we use the following tools:

  • Git, GitHub.
  • GitHub Actions for CI/CD.
  • Intellij IDEA.

What will you do on this project?

  • Manage the development of macOS, Windows, and Android applications based on Jetpack Compose and Kotlin Multiplatform technologies.
  • Participate in the designing appearance of the product, in particular, embodying your ideas.

Knowledge and skills required

  • 5+ years of working experience.
  • Ability to program in Kotlin.
  • Experience in using Jetpack Compose and/or Compose Multiplatform.
  • Extensive experience in conducting code reviews.
  • Upper-Intermediate level of written and spoken English.

Would be a plus:

  • Experience in maintenance of desktop and Android solutions in production mode.
  • Experience in mentoring and managing team development processes.