Team Work Spirit

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Team Work Spirit was founded in Aug 2017 by 2 co-founders — DevOps Architect and Software Architect. We specialize in JavaScript full-stack development and DevOps (primarily, with AWS though we work with other cloud platforms too, when the client insists on that).

One of the reasons why our team-mates love working in TWS is we’re the “family-type” of the company:
— team leaders are available almost all the time for performance review, suggestions, questions and so on;
— mentorship can be initiated by both sides — the team leaders start this type of conversations and team-mates come up to them too;
— everybody votes for what we will do during the corporate parties and also for the date of the party;
— we vote for what we need for the office — any kind of technical equipment, furniture, food gets bought when there’s a need in it;
— we communicate informally with each other, people make friends and enjoy being together;
— working time is negotiable as long as we meet clients’ requirements (e.g., we adjust working hours individually for team-mates to take their classes, go to the gym, work during their more productive hours).

One more reason why people join us and stay with us is the ability to work with the stack they’re interested in, ability to grow professionally with their own speed and much freedom of action.
“I studied ... and would like to use it. Can I get tasks to practice this technology?”, “My hobby is ... Can I contribute to the company growth using this skill?”, “I dug into this topic and would like to share my knowledge with the team” — suggestions like these are met with enthusiasm by team leaders normally and are praised financially.

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