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29 жовтня 2018 17:33

Jane Kutsenko, Middle QA Engineer з 2018 року

Temy is definitely my “DREAM-Company”. Here I can find everything for good rest (magic office parties, hard work needs hard rest), experience (awesome project with many technologies to learn & use), skills (QA Club), atmosphere (soooo friendly & comfortable to work & communicate, great people selection), personal development (Temy’s Book Club always comes up with great books to discuss), entertainment (movie club with pizza & snacks unites different personalities), relax (perfect office massage service), comfort (lovely office colours, cozy meeting rooms, sunset from the balcony etc.), feedback (professional hints about improvements make me really happy), English lessons with native speaker (speaking becomes better than ever). I have already been working for 8 months & such experience definitely improved my life and I have a smile on my face every day meeting my colleagues again. Temy’s management always supports & gives feedback quickly and professionally, so I am always aware of my sunny future. It’s easy to keep life’n’work balance with Temy as company is completely transparent and cares about employees’ happiness.
Thank You, Temy. One Love ^__^


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