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Team Harbour

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  • About the project: XchangePlus is a one-stop data and document exchange platform that fully automates the transaction process from contract onwards, for all participants.
  • Middle Node.Js Developer $2000–3000 Киев
    Project Description: Payment Gateway is part of a comprehensive E-commerce solution, allowing customers to be connected to several payment gateways/providers by one account. The project is in alpha-stage. Now is partially integrated with 3 payment providers.
  • Middle React.Js Developer $2000–3500 Киев
    The Project is an ecosystem for property sales management in the USA. Main purpose: to automate the process of a property sale, set up a clear flow of documents approval and signing.
  • About project Multi-gateway hub as a comprehensive E-commerce solution and one-stop-shop for manage all financial aspects of E-commerce.