TATEEDA GLOBAL support’s a variety of popular cutting-edge platforms to produce the most efficient and cost-effective solution for our clients.

We develop software solutions for a wide range of business needs including web, desktop, and mobile applications that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

The applications we develop involve complex architectural designs, critical thinking, and sophisticated methodologies that allow TATEEDA GLOGAL to deliver the highest possible quality products to our clients.

We realize projects of any complexity and carry out a full cycle of works from prior projects, analysis of business processes and drawing up of the technical project, development, implementation, and maintenance of the end products, the supply of the required license and server equipment.


1. Improve your skillset every day
Working as a member of a team with experienced professionals as well as free access to specialized learning resources allows you to quickly improve your skills. You will grow day by day working with us.

2. Direct access to clients
You will always have an opportunity for direct interaction with clients that allows to dive into the depths of the project. We also provide business trips for our employees to work with the customers onsite.

3. Growth perspective
The abundance of various projects creates an excellent opportunity to express yourself in different roles, which in turn opens great prospects for advancement on the career ladder. We are personally interested in your professional growth.

4. Convenient work schedule
The ability to work from home and a comfortable work schedule, in general, allows you to real work-life balance. We create a great environment for staying at work having fun and building meaningful relationships.