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New Digital Banking market player

We are building a new digital banking and financial services platform. We are developing a one-stop-shop financial services provider for eWallet, bank account, Forex, Transfers, Payments and plastic/virtual multicurrency prepaid cards. Our vision is to bring people closer with seamless financial solutions that meet the needs of our increasingly interconnected world.

Our current online money transfer platform and mobile remittance app help the global communities to support their loved ones abroad. We also want to be one-stop shop universal provider for everything banking:
Bank account, eWallet for mobile/online connectivity, Multicurrency prepaid cards, In-built Chat and Calls between people, Multiple pay-in and pay-out options,and in the future, crypto currency wallet accounts.

We are opening a brand new Technology Development Center in Kyiv, we are hiring the best and talented solution architects, business analysts, UX/UI designers, Frontend and API developers, QA/testers, and digital marketeers. We are creative, dynamic, innovative and friends-and-family alike culture with a sense of collaboration, consideration and support.