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3 лютого 2023 21:33

Alina Basiuk, Area Manager в HEKS/EPER Ukraine

I worked at Talentuch for a year and during this period I could say I was having a dream job. Flexible hours, constant support from direct management, clear and easy-to-follow procedures, carreer perspectives, team building activities, and competent staff. Working here you are motivated not only financially. I never thoght that remote work could give you such a strong team cohesion! We were not just co-workers but were becoming gradually friends, though scattered throughout the globe. And it was really a pleasure to meet on corporate events in person.

Violetta managed to work out some magical way to unite professionals who are making an effective team altogether and each of them is a great personality. I believe the secret is attitude. You are valued. A lot.

I am thankful for the experience and wish prosperity and lots of clients to Talentuch. ❤️

Підтримали:  Halyna Yurchenko Kate Pavuk


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