We believe the modern banking system became too inefficient and doesn’t keep up with the constantly changing world. Our mission is to build a new lean digital money system, that will serve as a backbone for the healthy economy of tomorrow. Tagion team is spread all over the globe, R&D headquarters is located in Kyiv.
17 ноября 2021

Research & Business Analytics Manager


Join us in this role where you’ll work mainly with the Ukrainian market and potentially scale to the European markets. You’ll be part of the Business Developer Unit where you, together with your colleagues, will be responsible for Business Research, Business Analytics, Marketing, and Sales. We work closely together with the Technical Application Team to ensure quality and feasibility in the market for our products and services.

i25s is a Danish start-up and entrepreneurial company in the fintech industry focused on delivering high-quality financial products and services.

Imagine a future where you help create value in the fintech industry with cutting-edge technology.

You are the best candidate for the position if you know, how:

  • To use a Business Assessment
  • To collect information from surveys
  • To predict data trends

You will be responsible for:

  • Apply quantitative and qualitative methodologies to design, administer, and interpret surveys, experiments, focus groups, polls, market research, sales data, etc.
  • Translate consumer data into functional and accessible information that is used to align a product, service, marketing strategy, or sales tactic with a consumer- and business desires and trends

Our job requirements:

  • You have excellent negotiation skills
  • You are self-motivated with a results-driven approach
  • You are familiar with quantitative and qualitative methodologies and you know how to apply them to different work cases
  • You have experience in businesses processes to identify the needs and wants of markets
  • You are fluent in English or your level is upper-intermediate.

As a plus:

You have the experience:

  • With IT products
  • With marketing analytic
  • With business development
  • With fintech companies

We offer:

  • Products that make an actual difference in people’s lives
  • Super friendly and professional team
  • Being a part of a fast-growing company where leadership is key
  • Good compensation package
  • Freedom to make your own decisions and being a part of a leadership team
  • Few optional remote days per week