We believe the modern banking system became too inefficient and doesn’t keep up with the constantly changing world. Our mission is to build a new lean digital money system, that will serve as a backbone for the healthy economy of tomorrow. Tagion team is spread all over the globe, R&D headquarters is located in Kyiv.
9 декабря 2021

C++ System Engineer


Необходимые навыки

  • C/C++ like languages (2+ years of experience);
  • Concurrency programming;
  • Network stack;
  • OOP;
  • Advanced in data structures and algorithms;
  • English Intermediate +

Будет плюсом

  • D language (huge +);
  • Experience with distributed network/application;
  • Interest in FinTech


  • Best possible position to contribute to the next-gen monetary system and financially benefit from it;
  • Friendly team;
  • Lots of freedom;
  • Good salary + token reward program;
  • Cashbacks (gym, devices, health support);


  • P2P communication;
  • WASM scripting engine;
  • Standard library for the scripting engine;
  • Improvements for DAG (Tagion Hashgraph)

О проекте

We are building a decentralized non-political monetary system, used and governed openly as a common good. In simple terms, Tagion is money for a healthy economy.

Technically, Tagion is a distributed database with an extremely efficient synchronization mechanism. Such a database can serve as a robust ledger that keeps knowledge of all money in the system. Ownership of money is protected using cryptographic functions.

Our codebase is written in D language. We have a dedicated data format (HiBON), protocols for communication (HiRPC), consensus (Hashgraph), and data storage (DART).

Join us on a mission to change what we call money forever.