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  • We are looking for Marketing Designer with strong passion for excellence who will use their design skills and creative thinking to help us to execute marketing campaigns.
  • Requirements: * Basic digital marketing knowledge; * Understanding of content marketing and guest posting principles; * Upper-intermediate English; * Understanding of inbound marketing principles — would be a plus; * Experience in digital marketing — would be a plus;
  • TaaS operates where blockchain and the financial markets meet. We are experienced in both — we run the world’s first closed-end fund on Ethereum blockchain.
  • SEO Specialist Киев
    We are seeking an experienced SEO Specialist who loves and understands SEO and how it impacts organic traffic and search engine visibility.
  • PR Specialist Киев
    We are seeking an experienced PR manager who can take the public image of our organization to the next level and will enjoy doing that.
  • TaaS is a last-generation closed-end fund that utilizes Ethereum blockchain and Cryptographic Audit technology to offer real-time portfolio transparency. Based out of Kiev, Ukraine, TaaS is backed by a team of experts across financial and venture capital industries.