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SysGears is a software development company that specializes in creating custom web applications for business enterprises all around the globe. Founded in 2010, SysGears provides full-cycle development services, starting from research and prototyping, through design and implementation, testing and optimization, to deployment and maintenance.

We use Node.js, Express, NestJS, Play, Akka, Spark, Kafka, React, Next.js, and GraphQL to create software that meets the highest performance and reliability requirements.

Programming is our life, our calling and our art. We love it and that is why we work with the newest tools and frameworks, invest in researching cutting-edge technologies, and develop our own open source products.

Working at SysGears means, above all, to be a part of a team. We value each other, value new ideas and proactive thinking, value open and creative environment.

Our team is the place where you can do what you love the most and work to your full potential!

Оценка компании: 90/100

Проголосовало 18 сотрудников
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