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Київ, Дніпро, Варшава (Польща), Вроцлав (Польща), Гданськ (Польща)

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  • 3 жовтня 2022
    We are looking for a Beta Community Support Engineer to join our big and skilled team, working on a big navigation system. The navigational app works on smartphones and tablets, letting people outsmart traffic, communicate, share trips etc.
  • 3 жовтня 2022
    QA Engineer — A navigation project Варшава (Польща), віддалено
    The product we are working on is the biggest community-based navigation app, complex web-services and other solutions related to it.
  • 3 жовтня 2022
    Mobile Automation QA Engineer — A navigation app Гданськ (Польща), Вроцлав (Польща)
    The project is one of the biggest applications related to navigation. The app finds the best routes for drivers and also gives an option to find a rider for commuting together. Besides the app there are complex web&services for enterprises and communities.
  • 3 жовтня 2022
    Senior FE/Full-Stack Developer for a worldwide navigation project Гданськ (Польща), Вроцлав (Польща)
    We are looking for a a Senior Software Developer to join our team working on a world known navigation system. It is № 1 real-time navigation app that lets drivers outsmart traffic together.
  • 3 жовтня 2022
    Requirements:— 4+ years of experience in the development of large and complex systems— 3+ years of experience in backend development using PHP 7— 1+ year of React experience— Experience in HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery and MVC— Knowledge of NoSQL databases and working...
  • 29 вересня 2022
    Fullstack Developer (PHP+React) for video streaming project Київ, Дніпро, віддалено
    The project a video-platform for educational organizations and commercial companies.
  • 28 вересня 2022
    Process Analyst до $2500 Київ, віддалено
    Synergetica is looking for a Process Analyst able to find the issues in the current working flow and mature enough to cope with them on the highest level. We are looking for a Business Process Analyst with strong knowledge of BPMN and deep analytic skills.
  • 26 вересня 2022
    Our customer is developing a Social Health platform, created to address issues like loneliness, social isolation, identity and family issues etc.
  • 8 вересня 2022
    Senior Back-End (Java) Developer (gaming project; platform services) до $7000 Київ, Варшава (Польща), віддалено
    On behalf of our client, we’re looking for an experienced and motivated Back-End Developer, proficient in Java and cloud solutions to work on the development of a cutting-edge product in the gaming sphere.
  • 7 вересня 2022
    Requirements:— 3+ years of JavaScript development experience— React — deep understanding of how to react works under the hood— Experience with NodeJS— Good architecture using component-based design patterns— Webpack, TypeScript, Redux (using redux tool kit), NPM (familiar packages)—...
  • 7 вересня 2022
    We are looking for an experienced QA Engineer to join our growing development team. We are looking for a QA Engineer who will work with both manual and automated tasks.