Syndicode is a custom software development company established in 2014. Our mission is to create digital products driven by strategy, design, and technology that bring actual value to users and profit to business owners. Today Syndicode is a global software company, and we hire team members all over the world to expand our development team internationally.
23 вересня 2022

Head of Engineering


About us

Syndicoder possesses good soft skills, loves what he/she does, can trust and delegate, is always ready to learn new things, and unites people in difficult situations.
Every Syndicoder is an innate part of the horizontally built team with a massive pool of interests and knowledge. For us, friendship, empathy, dedication, and respect are not just words — they are what make Syndicode a team
Our core values are Integrity, Openness, Responsibility, and Being ready to support.
It is unacceptable for us to cheat or be silent about problems on a project, systematically fail to perform our duties, have no desire to develop, and be toxic in any way

🌟 What you’ll get at Syndicode

  • Fully remote job and flexible working hours
  • Coverage of health insurance or annual health check-ups
  • Opportunity for professional growth and development
  • Competitive compensation, regular reviews
  • Fixed annual balance for sports
  • 15 days of vacation, 11 days off for holidays, and 20 sick leave days per year
  • Internal tech meetups and education
  • Positive work environment, friendly, collaborative, and professional teammates

⚡️ Zones of responsibility


  • Act as a direct manager for Team leads. Hire, train, supervise and motivate TLs, be responsible for their professional development
  • Work constantly on explaining to the TL and engineers what the current development priorities are, in which direction the group and company are heading, what are the group’s customers’ needs etc.
  • Communicate and collaborate with relevant parties (mainly BA/PMs etc.) on important feature definitions and priorities when necessary

Technology & Infrastructure

  • Be responsible for the software development and delivery process, foresee potential risks, analyze critical production issues and involve relevant teams to solve them
  • Serve as an architect for the group’s technical domain:

    1. Analyze complex features thoroughly from various angles
    2. Provide guidance to Team Leads and other relevant engineers in selecting frameworks, platforms, or tech-stack that should be used to create a solution
    3. Make final architectural decisions when required
    4. Ensure all developed solutions are scalable and maintainable for the future
    5. Figure out the risks in using third-party frameworks/platforms
    6. Support the teams, Team leads and PMs in the solutions development and deployment processes
    7. Spearhead various R&D initiatives to identify opportunities for new features and improvement

Processes and standards

  • Constantly work on optimizing the processes, tools, and standards within the group in order to achieve business goals and timelines with a high degree of confidence and efficiency, including:
    1. Processes
    2. Development tools
    3. Coding standards
    4. Quality standards
  • Suggests changes to the group’s organizational structure, uses processes and methodologies to the higher management when required

💼 Required skills and experience

  • 7+ years of experience in software engineering and 3+ years of engineering management experience
  • Experience leading and developing medium-sized engineering operations
  • Strong leadership and communication skills with proven capability to build effective technical teams and develop Team Leads
  • Know how to write clean, testable, and maintainable code and ensure that the teams do the same
  • Strong facilitation and presentation skills
  • Able to prioritize duties and work well on your own
  • Be fluent in English, both verbal and written

⭐️ Why Syndicode?

  • Dynamic fast-growing environment: we react and adapt quickly to the world’s and market changes, meanwhile we don’t forget to take care of our employees’ needs
  • We hear and implement your ideas: ability to participate in decision-making, bring new ideas
  • Self-management: opportunity to manage your time and plan your activities
  • Continuous feedback within teams and departments.