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Львов, Жешув (Польша), Бостон (США), Антверпен (Бельгия), Амстердам (Нидерланды), Краков (Польша), Скопье (Македония)

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Symphony Solutions is a cloud transformation company with headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in the USA, Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, Macedonia, and Belgium. Throughout its 10-year history, the company has grown to nearly 600 people in 6 different locations.

At Symphony Solutions, we adopt Agility as a part of our corporate culture. We understand that it is impossible to DO Agile within projects. We build the Agile organization to BE Agile at every stage of our life. Organizational structure, processes, culture, attitude to clients, and teams flavored with Agile mindset make us resilient and responsive.

Symphony Solutions Culture

Trust is at the foundation of the company. Symphony Solutions lets its employees choose their own team members and only then selected people are presented to the Client for final approval. There’s no strict supervision as everyone is trusted to do their job and do it well. Everything in the corporate culture is aimed at eliminating possible conflicts and creating a trusting environment with transparent relationships with clients and inside the team.

The company introduced a global virtual office Symphony Anywhere in 2020, erasing the borders and allowing people to work from any place in the world.

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We are not different in what we do but we are different in how we do IT.

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