Sweet Stack digital

до 20 специалистов

3 вакансии

  • ● 4+ years of experience in PHP (LEMP stack) ● Modern Javascript skills (ES6 and later standards) ● Experience with Laravel or Symfony, knowledge of respective framework internals and relevant package ecosystem ● Solid knowledge of MySQL, indexes, transactions, storage engines...
  • Middle / Senior QA Automation Engineer $2000–3000 Одесса
    We work with the Selenium testing framework which is automated via tests written in Python using the Robot Framework. We use Jenkins to schedule test runs during our CI/CD cycle and TestRail as a high-level reporting tool.
  • Middle / Senior React Native Developer $1500–3500 Одесса, удаленно
    We are looking for a skillful React Native Developer with the experience of the fast development of mobile applications mostly composed of standard functions and components (chat, picture gallery, push notifications, editable content, mobile payments, authentication, social...