Sweet Stack digital

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Sweet Stack Digital was founded to address 3 challenges faced by many who are trying to build technology-enabled businesses:

1. The shortage in local developers has made it unaffordable to hire quality development talent in-house
2. Entrepreneurs typically have a strong vision for what they want to build but often lack experience and require guidance in the areas of product management, technology development, and customer acquisition
3. It is often more efficient to use an existing team if a company is unable to provide full-time hours for every specialist across the technology stack.

These challenges lead many companies to consider overseas web development providers, but too often, the quality of the developers is severely lacking, communication is painful, and alignment is elusive.

We set out to build a best-in-class agency to provide our clients with the cost savings of using an overseas development team without any of the usual downsides. We only hire highly experienced and very talented developers in Eastern Europe who rival the quality of developers in Silicon Valley. We ensure our developers have excellent English skills, and we provide unique incentives so that our developers are invested in our clients’ success.