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28 вересня 2018 16:54

Alexander Bychkov, Flash/Html5 Developer з 2008 року

I have been working in Svitla systems during 10 years. Yes, that long. And I sincerely hope to work in this team for the next 10 years. And there are quite a few good reasons for this:
- As an outsourcing company, Svitla allows working with people from the entire globe. During my years in Svitla I was able to work in one team with people from Ukraine, USA, Canada, Japan, India, Russia. It is very exciting to be that close to such different people, to work with them and to learn from them.
- Svitla’s clients are mostly startups and leading IT companies. Thus working on their projects is always challenging. I worked on websites, games, messengers, social networks, applications for digital kiosks, educational projects, 3d galleries and websites etc. I’ve came to Svitla as a Flash developer and now I’m a full-stack developer.
- My ten years in Svitla speak volumes about the company stability. Svitla have always been very responsible for all company obligations. I do not remember any problem with finances, insurance, benefits package. During those years once I was on the bench for few months. Company paid me according to the agreement and finally found a new project.
- I feel appreciated and respected in Svitla. The atmosphere within the company is very healthy and positive. I can reach the top management with my professional and even personal questions. It is very nice to receive presents on different occasions not just for me but also for my family members.
- One thing which I love about Svitla — the flexible schedule and the possibility of remote work. During those years I lived in 3 different cities. Sometimes it is even possible to work and travel in the same time. The possibility to work from home is very important for me as for father of three children. In the same time, the company has nice comfortable offices.


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