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17 травня 2018 17:22

Ruben Movsesyan, Software Engineer з 2015 року

It is now the 4th year I am working in Svitla and I enjoy it a lot.
Svitla became for me my second family, I really love this company and I will try to give a brief overview of things that are cool in here.
First, it is of course professional growth, I came as a junior PHP developer but thanks to Svitla’s support and patience, I am now leading Frontend developer.
And this is number 2, you see even if you know just 1 language at the beginning you can try yourself in something different, for me I got bored after 1 year working with PHP and I asked for another project with more Frontend requirements. After 2 weeks, I was on another project.
I had to work for 1 month in Switzerland and Svitla has compensated all my expenses while I was getting familiar with the team and learned they infrastructure and this is number 3.
During this year I’ve learned much and got a lot of new skills, which I wanted to share with others so I’ve decided to make a small web course and proposed to Svitla that every developer can join me.
And here comes number 4, although I didn’t persuade any commercial thoughts while making the course , I was well surprised with the support that Svitla gave, not only in helping to organize that course, but also providing required tools for live streaming and big meetings (over 40+ people had joined that course).
And the next surprise was a reward I got from Svitla after the end of the course, as a “thank you” in a money equivalent.
These things are of course nice and positive, but sometimes things can go wrong, for example your current project may reach its final stage and you are not required.
No one likes it, it is a time of unknown, will you continue to work with a company or you will just be dumped?
And here comes number 5.
Svitla surprised me as the new project was found soon and I could dive into the work again!
Now this is all about the second family, but what about the first?
Well on 3rd year working on Svitla, my son was born.
I got a nice greeting card send per email, which was of course pleasant.
But then I got another email, with bonus holidays and I thought that was a really cool gesture from Svitla.
And then came a material bonus from, that was the point when I understood one thing. Svitla cares for me.
Love you Svitla!


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