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Supportech Inc.

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SUPPORTECH Inc. specializes in the highest quality off-shore and near-shore software development and support, providing on time and low cost solutions to all types of industries, helping our customers increase productivity, lower operating costs and improve return on their investment.

SUPPORTECH Inc. with over 20 years experience in the development and implementation of innovative and state of the art IT solutions and an extensive global service footprint, is uniquely positioned to help all types of companies, solve their complex business problems on time, while controlling costs, minimizing risk and maintaining integrity and quality in accordance with highest North American and European standards.

While supporting all business strategies, we specialize and provide a wide variety of solutions in e-commerce, Health and Medical, Financial and investigative industries with functionalities that include Automated Activity Management, Multi-Site Manufacturing Execution Control, Maintenance Management, Scheduling, Accounting, Real Time Dispatching, Advanced Process Control, Equipment Automation, Engineering Data Analysis, and Simulation.

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