We build, fund, and support Polkadot and cross-chain projects that share our mission.

Supercolony operates as a DAO venture studio, that designs and builds companies by bringing together experienced blockchain talent, resources, and capital to compress time, iterate quickly, and scale more ambitiously than would otherwise be possible.

We as Supercolony Venture Studio:
— Create and co-found Polkadot companies
— Guide the product technology design process, execute together with partners
— Strategy sessions, kick-off sessions
— Ensure your business smooth integration to Polkadot network by being connected to every key player in the ecosystem
— We provide the initial capital to launch the business and support by introductions to the top VCs in our network

We as Supercolony Advisory:
— Study, analyze, and research different business units
— Advise with a roadmap and with its execution
— Help and advise on the financial and market launch strategy to mitigate economics risks and maximize strategy understanding
— Provide expert feedback and development strategy
— Execute and implement all steps that enable successful operations

Supercolony has changed the ecosystem by:
— Creating Openbrush — the first library for smart contract development on ink!
— Developed the PSP22 token standard on WASM Polkadot

We are the team that does not follow but drives progress within the industry. Our team is young, professional, and proactive. We are pioneers in the Polkadot ecosystem. You will get to work in an international team with over 20 professionals. We have a very strong culture with regular team meetings, knowledge sessions, and a friendly working environment. Our teammates love growing with Supercolony.

Join us if you:
— tired of routine tasks
— want to work on unique and demanding projects
— ready to dive deep into the blockchain ecosystem
— thrive in this field (be passionate and unafraid of challenges)
— want to be on the creator’s list of outstanding products