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Studytube was founded in 2010, now it’s the central learning platform that enables you to give your employees a personalised experience, monitor courses, create learning tracks, and gain insight into your in-house expertise. The most complete learning platform of the Netherlands.
Studytube is the solution for developing, managing and disseminating knowledge within organizations. From short videos to comprehensive learning paths, online and in class. With Studytube, organizations have training for every learning need. Delivered on one platform that everyone can easily work with; employees, trainers, managers and administrators.
Studytube helps organizations to offer their employees the best development opportunities.The way in which learning is designed within organizations is ready for change. In today’s competitive world, one standardized one-size-fits-all learning offer is no longer sufficient. Employees want one clear learning environment in which they have control over how, when and often what they learn. Studytube delivers that experience.

— Customer: big companies like Bosch, Mitsubishi, etc.more than 250 satisfied customers,
500.000+ users
— Studytube is the first Employee Development Platform in the Netherlands, backed by a
number of (international) investors and currently on the rise to become a leading player in
Dutch and European Employee Development. We strive to help organisations unlock the
full potential of their employees, facilitate retaining and transferring knowledge within
organisations and help smoothing the transition for new employees in their job and
existing employees in new functions. The platform connects experts, training
organisations, HR professionals and employees in order to facilitate all learning needs
within companies.
— Studytube has three directions of development: existing platform, approval flow and
provider integration services.
— Tech: Ruby, RoR, Grape, RSpec, Docker, nginx, SemaphoreCI, MySQL, AWS, JIRA,
Terraform, Ansible, GitHub

Selling points:
— The company has been self-financing for 3 years and is going to get 20 millions of
investments by the end of 2021, so the company’s going to grow and expand;
— Internal rotation in the company is highly encouraged so employees have
opportunities to learn from each other and gain new skills (eg. one developer from the
feature team can join the platform maintenance team for a while etc.);
— Since 2-3 years the company is not a start-up anymore: it’s not “chaotic” as a
start-up anymore, but at the same time there is a start-up environment in terms of
freedom — the teams are flexible and open to new suggestions on tech, methodology etc.;
— Every 2 sprints there is a “week of self-development” — developers are somehow
free to do what they want, can spend their time on developing a new feature for instance;
— Opportunities to grow: there are 4 feature teams, 3 platform maintenance teams,
each of them is growing and needs future leads.
— Tech roadmap: expand and growth of the company; they are rewriting API; they are
working on UX improvements

— More than 100 people work in the company, several nationalities are represented
— About 30 of them are developers, 15 frontend developers, 15 Ruby developers
— 4 feature teams, 3 platform maintenance teams
— Scrum is used for core development and Kanban is used for integration development