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Ninety Percent of Everything

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Our goal is to revolutionize shipping by creating a suite of comprehensive software solutions for the Maritime industry. Our journey begins now. Over the next couple of years, our teams and squads will build more than 30 products from the ground up. This includes everything from global vessel tracking to vessel performance analysis, crew optimization and so much more. This is an exciting and challenging opportunity to apply cutting-edge technology to revolutionizing an iconic industry.
Our tech stack consists of React and React Native applications on the client-side communicating using GraphQL to micro-services orchestrated by Kubernetes on AWS. Internally our services use gRPC for communication and consume near real-time metrics produced in Elasticsearch by complex data pipelines and streaming applications built on top of Apache Kafka. Our data storage employs a few different technologies such as RDBS and No-SQL databases including Postgres, MongoDB, S3, and Elasticsearch. We have CI pipelines to build our images and each engineering team is empowered and has the autonomy to release changes into production following GitOps.

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