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Strivtech was founded and operates based on the principle of providing high-quality customer service and technological solutions. Together with our clients, we strive to create an innovative and exceptional customer experience. We are passionate about our work. Your success is our success. We want your business to thrive and flourish, our goal is to help you take your business to the next level. We have extensive experience in customer support looking to become a global leader providing quality and efficiency.

With headquarters located in California, United States. Strivtech has been part of the shared service business for two years. The growth during last year alone was 300%. That’s the reason why we became a solid competitor with more than 35 employees.

A youthful, experienced and professional staff is eager to manage to exceed your goals.

Our values commitment, innovation, and creativity. Are the foundations on which we build our company’s success.

We manage sub-brands such as Build my dating providing a private label solution that allows YOU to build online dating websites and run your own business. As a plus we also offer a world class customer support experience. With many years of experience and vast knowledge in the industry we handle calls, live chats, SMS and emails.