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Strikersoft is software development company that offers a comprehensive range of services bringing high quality and cost effective solutions to telecommunication operators, enterprises and vendors. Our main goal is establishment of strong development network that will deliver innovative solutions to partners and customers throughout Europe.

Strikersoft was formed in 2010 by alliance between Wexcellcia AB and Ukrainian Mobile Technologies Solutions llc. Both companies were established in 2004 and have successfully provided telecommunication and IT solutions in competitive markets. Headquarters is positioned in Kista — Stockholm, Sweden, the Telecommunication and IT hub of Europe, while our Development and Competence Centre is located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Strikersoft employes are highly competent engineers with extensive and diverse background in telecommunication and IT field. Our engineers have expertise in distributed system design and implementation and possess hands-on development experience in majority of modern programming languages and technologies. Moreover, all of them have in-depth understanding of software engineering and project management process, methodologies and modern practices.

Development team is strongly supported by team of top consultants who each have more then ten years of practice in designated area of their work.

Strikersoft is dedicated to deliver high-end, long-lasting mobile and enterprise solutions that are the best match between business and infrastructure-implemented by top experts in the industry.

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