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Who we are

We are a product company from Ukraine that strives to deliver cutting-edge services and streaming solutions for the global market.

Our team consists of passionate and experienced developers that know their craft and love what they do. We always plan for the future and aim to deliver state-of-the-art products that follow the latest trends while being easy to use and secure.

Why us

We are dedicated to the idea of fast experimental development with streamlined processes. In other words, less bureaucracy and micromanagement but more hypothesis testing and development. We are not afraid to experiment and try new approaches or methods as long as the final product meets quality and consistency standards. Finding optimal balance allows us to market the best niche solutions on the market.

Ukrainian product

We are Ukrainian specialists from different fields, and we are sure that Ukrainian products compete on par with the industry leaders.

Technology expertise

Our team has extensive expertise in video streaming solutions, transcoding, and processing video, obtained over years of working on large projects. We have built our own infrastructure and enhanced it to serve our goals — present and future.

Simple and clear

The goals we set and the way we achieve them are transparent. We have entirely eliminated old complex systems where each step must be documented and approved by higher-ups. Teams with a horizontal hierarchy with no bosses and no excessive pressure on individuals is the way to go.

What we offer

  • Advanced tech stack
  • Transparent and well-established working processes
  • Friendly atmosphere in a company of like-minded people
  • No bureaucracy and no constant micromanagement
  • Ability to work remotely from anywhere