Storage Made Easy

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Івано-Франківськ, Sutton, London, UK

Storage Made Easy provide a multi-cloud data management and data protection product called the File Fabric that unifies on-premises and on-cloud company storage assets.

The File Fabric solution offers a “blanket” that companies can privately apply to wrap around all their data: on-premises, within a public cloud, or on a third party software vendors’ cloud (SharePoint or SalesForce for example). Customers can use the File Fabric for security, encryption and control with a focus on compliance regimes such as GDPR, HIPPA, FERPA and GBLA.

Customers include one of the world’s largest social media companies, one of the largest global retailers, in addition to global Internet Service Provider’s, Universities and international government and governmental bodies.

This is an opportunity to get in at what is still a relatively early stage for this successful and growing UK Cloud Startup. We’re passionate about quality product development, agile development methodology and are looking for self-motivated individuals capable of balancing workload, timelines, and personal growth. Enjoy creative freedom in an established company but on projects with a start-up feel that embraces new technologies.