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SToFU is an company that specializes in IT security, low-level and cloud solution development, reverse engineering, testing, auditing, and consulting. We provide customers with the most prospects and innovations to boost business efficiency and scalability.

SToFU’s expertise covers next IT opportunities:

● Software engineering.
We will create software of any complexity while providing expert assistance and monitoring throughout the process. You’ll get a tailor-made, bug-free solution that complies with industry-specific rules and standards.
● Kernel and driver development. We’ll create a secure and reliable solution that enables you to implement new features, support peripheral devices, apply cybersecurity, and improve system performance. We operate with any operating system and are continually launching new technology.
● Low-level coding. We create programs that are quick, small, and effective for trading, robotics, and system software. The program will run as fast and smoothly as possible.
● Digital and corporate security. We’ll set up a privacy policy and fine-tune system access. Keep applications, products and infrastructure safe from data breaches and threats. Check for vulnerabilities, update system software and existing security packages.
● Blockchain. We will help you launch your own project, fill a niche in the lucrative application market. Introduce the latest blockchain technology and provide qualified specialists. We will create powerful and easy-to-understand online payment or mining systems.
● Artificial intelligence. With AI technology, we can take your business to the next level and leave your competitors in the dust. We implement cutting-edge solutions: face recognition, text analysis, predictive analytics, neural networks and other 700+ technologies.
● Data processing. We can collect and convert the data you need properly into an easy-to-read format. Make it easier for employees and management to work with schedules and documents. Ensure data is stored properly and safely.
● Reverse engineering. Examine the software or device to identify operating principles, any undocumented features to rule out bugs or replicate analogues without copying. We can deal with any software.
● Cybersecurity. We will detect attacks and threats, protect data and monitoring systems. We will carry out in-depth monitoring, change standard system behavior if necessary, update outdated encryption principles to comply with new standards.

We supply businesses with software tailored to ad hoc tasks and criteria. We take an individual approach and make the most of the resources we have. Each job is completed to perfection by us.

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