StartupCraft is a Web, Mobile, and Blockchain app development company focused on building products and solutions for startups of any calibre.

StartupCraft was founded in 2015 by a team of 3 engineers who put their passion for technology at the top level. This attitude leads us to the path where we keep focused and yet passionate about what we do leading to great products which cover both business needs and the ability to scale.

Today, we have launched more than 100 apps, websites, and software solutions in the following industries: wealth management, e-commerce, management, healthcare, coaching, fantasy sports and productivity, digital media, and marketing.

Our key expertise:

∙ Blockchain development (DApps, Coins, Smart Contracts and Audit)
∙ Custom Web Applications (React, Ruby, Node, Elixir)
∙ Mobile Apps (React Native, iOS, Android)
∙ APIs & Integrations
∙ UI/UX design process
∙ Technical audit and troubleshooting

What makes us different?

We have a full-remote culture yet some candidates can work in a classic office or coworking space if they want to. We enjoy the diversity and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. Our organization chart is flat and everyone can talk to anyone.

Our team values:

• Engineers in the heart. StartupCraft is long been proud to create a paradise for software engineers as they are our main success drivers. We unite people with the same values and vision for the future. We are true believers that technology is what shapes our lives and future and we never sacrifice the quality no matter the odds.

• Freedom as a foundation for creativity and growth. StartupCraft was founded as a fully remote company in order to remove physical limits of work presence and allow every team member to work wherever they are. We believe that creativity unfolds with the ability to travel: meet new places, people and get inspiration from the surrounded world.

• Every member is a powerhouse. Every StartupCrafter has a full sense of responsibility for his/her work and puts him/herself in the position of a business owner, making decisions independently but in tight communication with a team.

• Technical excellence. StartupCraft is at the forefront of modern technology and will always remain there. We tamed an opportunity to work only with the top-notch technology existing on the market. No excuses or alternatives, we create a trend — not just following it.

• Never stop improving. We constantly work towards implementing our own solutions which are repeated from project to project which in turn can be re-used significantly. It helps us concentrate work efforts on unique, undiscovered problems and make every day different.