Welcome and thanks to all current, potential and future candidates!

We have many great and exciting plans ahead. We need more people to join us and help make this a reality: could it be YOU?


Starnavi is a web development company but not a typical one. We provide a mutually beneficial 100% remote employment. Curious — how are folks handling that? Not every company can make remote work, but those that do have more productive and happier staff.

Our philosophy about building cohesive teams is all about putting people first. Thanks to the remote model we have cost savings that we pass on to our staff.


— Uniting tech professionals around the world to help entrepreneurs, business leaders and visionaries build a solid tech foundation

— We’re driven by values like teamwork, trust and respect

— High-quality work, collaboration, accountability and a true passion for the work equal insane potential

Doing so allows our colleagues more time to pursue hobbies, have a social life, volunteer, study, attend events and have some chill time!

Here’s a sneak peek at OUR BENEFITS:

— As we deliver web, software and mobile app development solutions mostly for the specific business niches as Real Estate, Digital Marketing, Healthcare and Business Intelligence, we guarantee challenging projects and meaningful work

— Forget about professional burnout and low wages: we provide regular salary revision

— Opportunity to gain more experience with courses, conferences, seminars, master classes and different events for company’s expense

— Personal freedom and adherence to ideas: we are always ready to hear new ideas. You have an opportunity to implement your ideas on our internal projects

— Forget about micromanagement, fines and other issues that negatively affect business. When you need something, our team is always ready to help out with quality solutions, guidance & feedback

— We offer strong support to our existing team and corporate events

For more information:

Visit our website: Starnavi.io/vacancies