Stan’s Assets from KAPPS is an outsourcing team focused on Games, VR, 3D, SDK, and Unity packages. We ease developers’ time and effort to help them create the best digital products they’re dreaming of!
We have worked inside the teams of our major clients as the outsourcing for specific development tasks. Our strategy has always remained the same: make high-quality and cutting-edge products with the unique immersive culture of assets.

A few of our statistics:
— we’re an Assets store publisher since 2013;
— 5 years in a row we’re holding the position on the top chart in the Asset Store;
— one of our most basic packages still gets about 580 downloads per week;
— we made a successful collaboration with Moon Studios on the WotW AAA Unity game;
— our products (packages) are used by 100k+ devs in 5k+ commercial projects worldwide.