KAPPS is much more than an outsourcing studio. We are a dynamic group of game developers specializing in Games, VR, 3D, SDKs, and Unity asset development. Our passion? To transform concepts into codes.

Achievements we celebrate:
— Collaboration with Moon Studios on the AAA Unity title, “WotW”;
— A portfolio with over 50 successfully launched market projects;
— Recognition as a Top Asset Store publisher since 2013;
— Comprehensive GameDev Tech Stack and products are leveraged by over 100k developers across more than 5k commercial projects worldwide.

Why KAPPS is a Great Career Destination:

Project Engagement: KAPPS thrives on exploring new ventures. Even in times when outsourcing might slow down, we pivot towards nurturing internal projects, ensuring that our team is always engaged, never benched.

HR Activities: Our HR team goes the extra mile to keep the work environment lively. From exciting quizzes to unforgettable corporate webinars, there’s always something that brings us all closer.

Straightforward Interaction with Leadership: Bureaucracy doesn’t find its way here. Our leadership strives to maintain a project environment that’s comfortable and productive for everyone.

High Level of Technical Expertise: What sets us apart is our technical foundation, with founders often stepping in as Leads or Supervisors on projects.

Comprehensive Employee Support: Expect regular one-on-one sessions, detailed performance reviews, and the opportunity to dive deep into your field with tech kitchens, thematic workshops, and an extensive knowledge base.

Celebrating You: Whether it’s commemorating your birthday, or welcoming a new family member, we celebrate these milestones right alongside you.

Join the team where Pixels Come to Life!