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Hi there! Decided to look up StaffingPartner on DOU? We’ll be glad to tell you more about us.

StaffingPartner is one of the biggest IT recruiting companies in Ukraine. We were founded in 2017, and now have a team of 60+ in-house recruiters. Our clients are top IT companies in Ukraine, USA and Europe.

StaffingPartner is a top-notch company to work at due to numerous reasons. We’ll share just a few of them:

👉 Remote-friendly work and flexible schedule
👉 Premium tools and paid accounts to make recruiters’ work easier and more effective
👉 Loyal management with 10+ experience in IT recruiting
👉 Medical insurance and regular teambuilding activities
👉 Excellent possibilities for career growth
👉 Friendly team and healthy working atmosphere
👉 Interesting vacancies
👉 Ideas and suggestions from employees are very welcomed
👉 The average recruiter’s income is about 30% higher than on similar position in other companies

The services we provide:

✅ Recruitment in Ukraine
✅ Global recruiting
✅ Executive search
✅ Technical assessment of candidates
✅ Recruiting outsourcing
✅ Consulting

If you are a junior, middle or senior IT recruiter, send your CV to 💌[email protected] to join our dream team!