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SPsoft is a 50 person, premium technology accelerator for Silicon Valley and hot European startups with offices in San Francisco and Lviv. We COME AND ROCK where other outsourcers SCREW UP! At SPsoft, we take our clients to the market in 3-4 months by delivering their MVPs. We also provide customers with CTO’s as a service.
27 ноября 2019

Lead .NET developer strong in C#/VSTO (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

— SENIOR developer and BADD-ASS (strong) in C# and VSTO
— Be responsible, communicate with and technically lead the client
— Ability to develop and push your ideas if you think the client will benefit from them
— Produce the best Coding quality
— Experience with integrating third-party plugins
— GOOD English and communication!


When you join SPSoft:
— You will manage the scope of the MVP and take clients to the market in 3 months to start with.
— You will participate in pre-sales calls and help SPsoft ramp up new clients using similar stack in the future, which is a great experience.
— You will report to, be mentored by and will communicate directly with me, Michael Lazor, the SPSoft CEO. And believe me, your life will never be the same again!
— We turn our engineers into half-product managers/half tech problem solvers who know and do what’s best for the client’s business, not just coding what the client says.

Forget the „ГАЛЄРИ”, box type of thinking and the small perks offered to keep you satisfied. With me, you have a chance to mature for real, not just tech-wise. Help me build the company (SPsoft) and together, we will rescue and grow our clients.

When you join the SPsoft team, you will have a chance to earn SPSoft stock options and benefit from the sale of the company in the future! How cool is that? Definitely not typical for Ukraine. I want to hear your thoughts! I’ve done it once with Spline -> Epam Lviv, I’m going to it again! And this time it’s going to be much much bigger!

Bring more value, solve bigger problems and make more money eventually. You’ll actually be trained by me and our clients. You will have a chance to make it into SPSoft core team and that’s a whole new level!

You can watch our growth from a safe distance or join early, contribute and share the success WITH US!

If you can’t find the meaning in what you’re doing, don’t know where you’re going in the long run, feel like you do not evolve or like nobody cares about you, or think you’re wasting your time — come and win the competition for this job! Team up with us and our clients to make the world a better and more convenient place to live! Start making a difference!

Mike Lazor, CEO

О проекте

The client is building a plugin for MS PowerPoint for professional office users.
In essence, it links data to their sources and thereby allows automatic updates and make it traceable. The main data source is MS Excel.
The plugin is based on C#/VSTO and needs to integrate third-party plugins into core functionalities, so the product is getting a bit more complex than it first seems. The client has a terrible prototype which needs to be redeveloped from scratch, and he needs it fast!

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