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SPS COMMERCE is a US corporation (NASDAQ: SPSC) that successfully connects Amazon, Nike, General Motors Company, Google, Starbucks, BestBuy, FedEX, UPS and 70,000+ other companies with their trading partners, providing world-class cloud-based supply chain EDI and Analytics solutions.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, SPS Commerce has been growing steadily for the past 17 years and so far has offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, London, Toronto, and Kyiv.

While what needs to be done is decided by the management team, how to do it is up to the development teams, who enjoy a great deal of freedom in choosing tools and approaches to ensure successful delivery — every team member has a say and everyone’s opinion is respected and listened to.

Agile-informed iterative development means that new product features are deployed to production at an ever-increasing speed, with our daily work being based on DevOps and XP practices — TDD, Automation Testing, CI/CD. New processes and practices are only introduced into the teams’ daily routine if they either help deliver faster or improve the overall quality of delivery.

Daily stand-up meetings, sprint plannings, reviews, demo sessions and retrospective meetings are all held to make product delivery more effective.

Much attention is paid to SPSers’ professional development, which is greatly facilitated by DevDays, regular knowledge-sharing sessions, tech meetups, participation in conferences, technical mentorship, skill-based trainings (both tech and soft skills), language classes, access to an internal knowledge database and Lynda and many more learning and development opportunities provided for free to ensure everyone’s level of expertise is sufficient to contribute to decision-making.

Physical and mental well-being of our teams is our number one priority. With this in mind, as part of our benefits package, we offer legal employment, health insurance, 28 vacation days, sick leaves, maternity and paternity leaves, paid holidays, a sports club membership, free lunches and snacks right there in the office, a flexible schedule outside the core hours, regular team outings and, of course, a competitive salary.

Learn more about SPS COMMERCE here: www.spscommerce.com/about

Learn more about SPS Ukraine here: www.youtube.com/...​/UCSnPz1EnRciEZWinMnfGL8g