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Working at Spintech was a marvellous experience for me. This company is about people.

I absolutely enjoyed working with my team members — supportive, smart and diligent guys. The developers and our project manager have conducted themselves with professionalism and diligence.

I also want to thank our management for thoroughly adhering to deadlines set and also managing any additional requests my team had. They are dependable and also bring forth great ideas and objective input.

The project I worked on helped me develop myself both professionally and personally.

Spintech is such an incredible organization that I can’t say enough good things about!

I have been working at Spintech software for more than a year now and I am very satisfied with this company. The team is friendly, they are always supportive and interested in what is going on in my work, if suddenly I need any help.

Management of the company is at the highest level. The HR department works very smoothly. All phases of employment on the project were pretty fast.

I also really like the team I work with. There is an understanding with each other and professional growth. Problems with the team organization has never been. Also, importantly, I work on an interesting project.

Spintech provides all the conditions and opportunities to work in a pleasant and structured way!

I worked at Spintech agency as Business development manager/Sales manager in 2020-2021.

I liked the atmosphere at office and warm relations among team members. At this workplace I got support in professional development, found some interesting directions for my personal development, got some more professional experience. Every business day was full of kindness and support provided by HR department. Moreover, there were not troubles with team work organisation, communication between Sales representatives & Technical team was at a high level.

The Spintech agency provided me with good equipment, comfortable workpalce with coffeemachine & cookies, office in the city centre, next to Kharkiv Opera Theatre.

Wish the Spintech agency growth & expansion, I wish to all the team members good luck!

I have been working at Spintech for a year :)
I just want to say thank to our team for the excellent opportunity to work with professionals. I gained experience that gave me new opportunities for professional growth. I work in a team with Anna Oleynik. And I am very glad that she is my mentor.

Anna is a great HRM and recruiter. We work with her side by side and conduct a full-cycle recruitment process together, where Anna demonstrates good communication skills and patience. She is very friendly and attentive to details.
Anna became the best mentor for me, who clearly explains the technical strategy for searching for candidates, as well as the process of hiring the company, business interests in outsourcing and outstuffing projects. Anna is highly competent in creating reports, describing the recruitment funnel, and bring values to the COO and CEO of the company. She constantly improves her hard skills and motivates me to develop new qualities in myself.
She truly cares about candidates and works to make them successful, instead of just trying to fill a role. She always responds in time and keeps up to date with what is happening. If there is some problem, she provides the details and offers solutions, possible compromise. She keeps the balance of interests between the company and the candidate. Anna is a kind person, sympathetic to the situation of the candidate, and at the same time, she gently explains the company’s position.

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