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Spendbase is the one-stop shop for optimizing your spending on cloud and software subscriptions.

From vendor negotiations to SaaS operations, our philosophy is plain and simple: maximize the return on the software you already own. Get the best software deals, increase adoption of your current stack, take control of your renewals and more.

Spendbase provides the intelligence and guidance you need to spend smarter, not harder.Over 300 customers have already reduced their software spend by 39% on average. With Pay-as-you-Save pricing, teams can get started with Spendbase for free and benefit from the first implementation day.

🤘 This year we’ve already presented Spendbase in Silicon Valley on Startup Grind
🏆 Got third place in Glovo Startup Competition
🚀 Grew to 55+ employees just in half a year
✔️ Participated in the Prjctr career event in Metaverse

Spendbase insights from HR🤫 www.notion.so/...​a209992a028a8f2cc5a?pvs=4

🦄 We are Spendbasians and we believe in our product

🚀 We scale fast
That means both our Products & our Team & People inside the Team are growing together.

👁 We have a startup mindset
To create a world where everything is possible if you are brave enough!

See you in our team!

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