— 14 years in business. — 300+ products taken to market. — 40+ employees (we are about 60 today, with contractors). — 300K+ hours worked. — 4 locations in the US and Europe. — 40% of women staff. — We help take product ideas to market through best practices in UX and engineering, led by product strategy and management.
2 сентября 2021

Business Development Specialist — USA

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We are looking Business Development Specialist

Company: Speed & Function
Location: Philadelphia, PA or remote within Americas
Status: Full Time
Reports to: Head of Customer Success department

Job Overview

A versatile business development professional with a combination of skills in custom software technology that include prospecting, conversion and basic account management. The goal is to ensure $1 000.000 annual revenue growth managing a pipeline 6 times to that.

Job Functions

  • Primary
    • The initial focus will be on converting the new opportunities
      • Driving the solution architecture process with engineers and developing compelling proposals that speak to both client and S&F goals.
      • Negotiating, onboarding and training clients in our processes
    • Learn the craft: connect with account management, marketing and software engineering colleagues to educate yourself about becoming the best at the job in the unique space where we function.
  • Secondary
    • Support leadgen: running and refining our “mining the old gold” machine, the essence of which is keeping existing relationships warm to generate leads and referrals.
    • Craft messaging for both individual and public consumption in the software technology space for email campaigns and social media.
    • Manage bizdev tools: Hubspot, several emails, Linkedin, Facebook and Slack accounts.
    • Collaborate with the leadership team and founders to refine our conversion process, which includes strategy, process and execution.
    • Managing assistants (future function). As the communication volume grows, in order to ensure all the necessary tasks are completed, the functions outlined above will need to partially be performed by (remote) junior staff members.


  • Needs
    • Custom software (not SaaS), digital agency or related experience.
    • Ambition and ability to take full advantage of growth opportunities that emerge from working closely with the top leadership team and potential to reasonably quickly go to the next level.
    • Feedback skills: an open communicator who will provide lots of feedback, push back when necessary and request feedback following their strong desire to learn.
    • Curiosity, wanting to know how everything works even outside your direct responsibilities and quickly integrate with other functions inside our org.
    • Partner mentality. You will not be treated like an employee, but more like a partner (or a service provider, with our leadership team being the client). In other words, this is not just a job (although it’s paid), but a huge opportunity to grow.
  • Wants
    • 5+ years in bizdev and sales or related in software development field.
    • Strong sense of personal responsibility.
    • Help adopt and practice Agile in your areas of responsibility.


  • Location:
    • Full-time remote.
    • Must be able to work from our South Philly location at least on some days for the initial ramp up period.
    • We have telecommuting flexibility with significant Eastern time zone overlap.
    • If you are not local to Philadelphia, you might need to come for occasional visits. We may also be able to provide you with relocation assistance.
  • Hours are flexible, but may require availability outside standard business hours.
  • Compensation and incentives depend on experience and will be determined during the hiring process.

About Speed & Function

At Speed & Function, we build exceptional custom software applications using today’s most advanced technology. But so do a lot of software engineering firms, so what makes working for us different?

Firstly, we operate out of two continents. Most of our engineers are based in Eastern Europe, and our US Head Office is in Philadelphia.

Second, everyone who works here is passionate about digital transformation, innovation and collaborative software development. However, don’t confuse us with contractors, because we’re not. We are true collaborators. We work so closely with clients that their products are virtually built in-house. This gives our people the opportunity to work with clients in a unique way. Think Collaboration 2.0.

Third, we are striving to build a developmental culture where learning, feedback and transparency are given equal weight to productivity, efficiency and results. At Speed & Function, you’re given the chance to grow, not just technically but as a person. We aim to become better people who produce brilliant work and offer our clients a fulfilling and enjoyable experience along the way.