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20 января 2021

PHP Engineer with Leadership Skills (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

— PHP 5-7

Other Skills Required:

— B2 English, in both spoken and written communication.
— Ability to maximize overlap with US Eastern time zone business hours (New York).
— Developmental mindset: an open mind, open heart, curiosity, humility, feedback.
— Custom software development experience.

Будет плюсом

— Understanding of PHP frameworks: Symfony, Laravel.
— Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Go.


— Enjoy competitive compensation models.
— Quickly improve your English through daily immersion.
— Learn a variety of new perspectives through being part of a global multicultural team of different experience levels.
— Enjoy autonomy: work remotely full-time, plan your own schedule, fine-tune your work/life balance.
— Travel the world: work and travel from anywhere as long as you can sync up with your team in their time zones. You can also visit or permanently relocate to our centers in Philadelphia, USA, and Budva, Montenegro.
— Upgrade your devices through our sponsorship program.
— Facilitate personal growth through being part of an aspiring Teal / DDO (deliberately developmental) organization. Grow in the environment of feedback and support.
— Organizational psychology support.
— Be in charge of your destiny through direct collaboration with people on the client-side.
— Pick your own development path within our organization based on your interests.
— Potential to relocate to the USA through our work visa program.

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