— 14 years in business. — 300+ products taken to market. — 40+ employees (we are about 60 today, with contractors). — 300K+ hours worked. — 4 locations in the US and Europe. — 40% of women staff. — We help take product ideas to market through best practices in UX and engineering, led by product strategy and management.
29 декабря 2020

Digital Account/Sales Executive


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We are seeking a hands-on digital (custom software) sales professional with strong leadership skills to lead a team of account managers. The objective is to facilitate high levels of client satisfaction through delivering exceptional value, which results in the growth of accounts.

Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA
Status: Full Time
Reports to: Head of Growth

— Facilitate understanding and effective collaboration between clients and delivery. Understand client’s business values, dreams, and aspirations to ensure alignment of their goals with the provider’s goals. To summarize, facilitate and nurture a mutually beneficial partnership between us and the client.
— Lead the Account Management team by setting development goals, OKRs, implement/analyze metrics and build the strategy accordingly. Setting up processes.
— On-boarding and closing new opportunities, eliciting requirements, negotiations, contracts. Prepare and negotiate proposals for up/cross-sells.
— Implement evidence-based management.
— Identify and remove blockers preventing high NPS scores.
— Collect and leverage data to craft growth strategies for each account.
— Refine a reliable system of feedback collection from (and provision to) clients so that we can prevent escalations.
— Quickly resolve escalations with lessons learned, resulting in constant improvement and increased trust.
— Perfect collaboration between sales and delivery (responsiveness, estimates, solutions). Ensure smooth handoffs to delivery.
— Ensure invoices are paid in time and in full.
— Refine and create OKRs per account. Current metrics include NPS, check size, turnover, number of closed deals, upsells.
— Ensure data in our tools is up to date and is in use by the team, which includes Hubspot CRM, Databox, Google Sheets, and a few other tools.
— Generate reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) to ensure visibility and to provide a clear direction for the growth of the account management practice to top leadership.

Tools and Technology:
— HubSpot
— Redmine
— Databox
— G Suite
— Communication techniques
— Risk management
— Agile (Scrum) management approach

— Proven track record operating with and reconciling conflicting perspectives as a leader.
— Advanced soft skills, such as active listening, negotiations, empathy, and curiosity.
— Degree in Business/Marketing/Management or related fields.
— Knowledge of software market trends and software development lifecycle.
— 2-3 years of experience in sales or sales and account management activities.
— High attention to detail and organizational skills.
— Confidence in communicating with C-suite executives and technology decision-makers (speaking truth to power).
— Excellent written and oral communication (English).
— Experience with data visualization, trends, and forecasting.
— Comfortable talking on video calls for extended periods of time.
— Available during a large segment of US business hours (9 AM — 5 PM ET).

— 2nd tier thinker.

Work Conditions:
— Must be able to work from home and from the office (depending on location).
— Must be able to talk on video calls for extended periods of time.
— Maximize availability during US Eastern business hours (9 AM — 5 PM EST).

— Based on experience.
— Monthly or hourly base.
— Incentives (commission) negotiable.


— Enjoy competitive compensation models.
— Quickly improve your English through daily immersion.
— Learn a variety of new perspectives through being part of a global multicultural team of different experience levels.
— Enjoy autonomy: work remotely full-time, plan your own schedule, fine-tune your work/life balance.
— Travel the world: work and travel from anywhere as long as you can sync up with your team in their time zones. You can also visit or permanently relocate to our centers in Philadelphia, USA and Budva, Montenegro.
— Upgrade your devices through our sponsorship program.
— Facilitate personal growth through being part of an aspiring Teal / DDO (deliberately developmental) organization. Grow in the environment of feedback and support.
— Organizational psychology support.
— Be in charge of your destiny through direct collaboration with people on the client-side.
— Pick your own development path within our organization based on your interests.
— Potential to relocate to the USA through our work visa program.


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