We set up tech centres/development teams for our clients in the CEE Region (Prague, Bratislava, Krakow, Budapest or Kiev).
10 июня 2021

Oneview Healthcare — Android Platform Engineer


Необходимые навыки

Hiring now! Please have a look at the job description before applying.

A successful candidate for the Android Platform position will have a variety of skills and the ability to use them all to deliver real solutions, from concept to live. You should have very strong knowledge of all different android hardware and operating systems. You will be working very close with Product Management to identify real world problems, that we need to solve with combinations of new Android hardware. This will require a level of creativity that will result in building high performing, quality hardware solutions. You will also be working closely with frontend (Xamarin), backend )(.Net), QA and Dev-ops to deliver whole solutions in a very complex deployment environments. We are responsible for our own deliveries and we really don’t like late night support calls, so we do what it takes to deliver quality out of the box. This position is both challenging and rewarding and will have a real impact on the well-being of patients in hospitals around the world.


• Expertise with Enterprise Mobility Management solutions including one or more of the following: AirWatch/SOTI/HexNode
• Expertise with Android Enterprise APIs
• Expertise with Android Open Source Project
• Expertise implementing high-availability dedicated/embedded Android Open Source Project-based systems including device management and monitoring
• Expertise with Kotlin including the following libraries: retrofit2, dagger2, koin, okhttp3, coroutines, rxjava2.
• Expertise with Unit testing.

Будет плюсом

• Expertise with CI/CD
• Expertise with Azure DevOps
• Expertise building and deploying Android set-top-boxes
• Expertise with the Android TV Input Framework and media playback on Android
• Expertise with Samsung Knox SDK
• Expertise with Google Play EMM API
• Android Hardware Expert
o Know all about Android Tablets
o Know all about different All in One offerings
o Know all about different Set Top Boxes
o Know all about how to setup different peripherals
• Have experience working with different decoding standards
• Have a clear understanding and experience of working around different hardware requirements such as:
o Chipset capabilities
o Wireless and Ethernet protocols
o Internal device censors
o Healthcare grade device standards
o Peripheral equipment


You are laid back team player who is focused on delivery and making a real difference. You are always improving. Everything. You test your code aggressively. You believe in automation and failing early. You know that things break... it’s just part of the game and you understand that it probably means more tests are needed. You support your team and take responsibility when it happens. You learn from every glitch. You’re successful and proud of what you do.
You are welcome to the Oneview Kyiv team!

О проекте

On behalf of our partner OneView Healthcare we, Source-Code, are setting up a team of engineers in Kyiv.

Who is OneView and what do we do?

We are a global software company, working with hospitals and senior care facilities around the world. Our platform helps caregivers to make real-time care decisions while improving care coordination and workflows. At Oneview, we empower patients, seniors and families to become active participants in their own health care. With hospital installations all over the globe, we know what it takes to organize systems, data, and people to add value and improve the quality of the healthcare experience.We are currently expanding our world class technology team in Ukraine. We are seeking experienced and dedicated software engineers over a variety of disciplines. If you are passionate about your craft and eager to make a real impact, check out our job listings and contact us today!

What is the project about?

Our patient engagement software is an Android app that helps people during their time in hospital. Patients use our app to do things like order meals, find out more about their doctors, complete educational assignments from their medical team, and much more. They can also use it to order movies and TV, or connect their own Netflix and email accounts. This software is deployed to thousands of hospital beds around the world and is already making a huge, positive impact on the patient experience.
As a member of the Inpatient team you’ll be working on a suite of services and apps to bring our patient engagement software into the future. We use a wide variety of technologies to deliver this service, but most of our day to day work is with a set of C# based micro-services against a Xamarin front end. We use a message driven, asynchronous architecture built on a service bus with message queues. Our systems are mostly deployed to secure hardware on site at the hospitals, but we are expanding more into multi-tenant, cloud (Azure) based solutions. This project is both about building new features, and improving/supporting existing systems. As software engineers, we support our own product, so we go well beyond just checking in our code and forgetting about it. Our real focus is on delivery, with backend, frontend and QA working closely together to create, deploy and test solutions. Our solutions will be deployed to a variety of complex environments and used by thousands of hospital patients and staff worldwide. We are always thinking about testing, deployment and reliability. Expect a challenging and rewarding experience!

Team size and structure

Our Kyiv agile team is small but growing fast! We are mostly scrum/kanban oriented. We work together with agile teams in Dublin and Australia to deliver new functionality. We have excellent product owners who work together with dev teams to produce clear and reasonable requirements. We also have agile coaches in Dublin who help to make sure everybody is focused on the right thing at the right time.
Here in Kyiv we already have a team of 15 developers and keep on growing!