Somplo, is an advanced self-service Creative & Media Management Platform (CMP) for digital advertising formats (Video, Rich & Display).
Somplo is serving the leading market Publishers, Media Agencies, Creative Agencies and Brands domestic and export.
Our Somplo CMP is designed for all platforms and for leading DSP’s, Google DV & Google AdWords and more, for direct and programmatic campaigns.

Our primary focus is to Simplify the creation and optimization of Rich Media products, whilst enabling advertising agencies to seamlessly access a multitude of advertising platforms with compatible creatives.

For maximum performance we have comfortable office work format: we have a new modern work space with a panoramic view of the sea, uninterrupted Internet and an additional power source. The office is located in the very heart of Arcadia, so during your lunch break or after work you only need 2 minutes to be next to the sea and recharge. The office has several recreation areas where you can play PS5, read a book, stand on a balance board or pull up on a horizontal bar. The office kitchen has everything you need for a light and healthy breakfast or snack, as well as an endless supply of fragrant coffee and a collection of teas.

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