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Tetiana Kondratieva, Marketer в Sommo

I was super lucky to accept Sommo’s offer in January 2022 in Kyiv for various reasons.

After 9 months of working with guys, I don’t want to repeat the must-haves of the teal teams. I will note what makes the Sommo team different from others.

— Guys support you so delicately that you may not immediately notice it. It is a native, invisible part of the corporate culture.
— Interaction with managers (CEO, CTO) is direct, fast, simple, and productive.
— Strong incentives exist to develop soft and hard skills thanks to working in a strong team.

Not cons, but recommendations to candidates

Not suitable for you if self-management is not your cup of tea. Sommo is a team where you have a certain freedom and have to use it properly.

Підтримали:  Andriy Bas


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Glad to be working together, Tetiana.
Very excited about all the results we were able to achieve together. 🙌
And looking forward for further collaboration.