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I’ve been working at Sommo for 10 months now. Not once have I regretted accepting their offer. Sommo is a super team, it’s decent working conditions, it’s always a pleasant atmosphere. I am very pleased to see our team expanding and we are always happy to welcome newcomers. The company also really appreciates each employee and helps them to develop.
This is not my first job and I have something to compare it with — Sommo is 10/10😊

I’ve been joining Sommo since last December. I was just amazed at how rapidly the young team was developing. These are people who really work as one organism. Always ready to help and support each other.

I would like to express my gratitude for the atmosphere created by the founders of the company. It’s easy to grow and develop in the company working on interesting projects. I am sure the company has a great future.

Підтримали: Andriy Bas

Serhii, thanks for joining us, for your dedicated and high-quality work and huge contribution to our team. Happy to work together. You rock 🚀

Sommo is a perfect place to develop yourself as an independent confident professional. When I came here it was a small team where everyone was for help each other, projects we make are true team work. Now I see my growth and the company as well, what makes me so proud to work here. Everyday challenges and supportive team makes you feel stronger and secure simultaneously. Happy to be the part of Sommo and very grateful for everything!

Підтримали: Andriy Bas

Thanks a lot Kate, for joining us from the beginning on our mission to enable next billion people become creators with no-code. Excited for the next pages of our growth together 🚀🚀🚀

I have been working for Sommo for almost a year. I am very satisfied and grateful to Sommo for the opportunities for growth that it has given me. All this time I have been working on very interesting projects.
Overall, Sommo is a great company and I am very happy to work there.

Підтримали: Andriy Bas

Hey, Vlad.
Thanks a lot for working with us and pushing this new innovative no-code direction 🚀. You rock!

I was super lucky to accept Sommo’s offer in January 2022 in Kyiv for various reasons.

After 9 months of working with guys, I don’t want to repeat the must-haves of the teal teams. I will note what makes the Sommo team different from others.

— Guys support you so delicately that you may not immediately notice it. It is a native, invisible part of the corporate culture.
— Interaction with managers (CEO, CTO) is direct, fast, simple, and productive.
— Strong incentives exist to develop soft and hard skills thanks to working in a strong team.

Not cons, but recommendations to candidates

Not suitable for you if self-management is not your cup of tea. Sommo is a team where you have a certain freedom and have to use it properly.

Підтримали: Andriy Bas

Glad to be working together, Tetiana.
Very excited about all the results we were able to achieve together. 🙌
And looking forward for further collaboration.

I am working in Sommo for 4 months as Business Developer, I am very satisfied with the team and approach to work. Despite the fact that almost everyone works remotely, we are all very friendly and feel like part of a team no matter where we are. Here I develop my skills, learn new and improve myself. Sommo provides many opportunities and professional growth.
I am very happy to be a part of Sommo🤩

Підтримали: Andriy Bas

Thanks a lot for the positive feedback, Valeria.
Glad you’ve joined our team, and excited for all the results we’ve been able to achieve together 🙌

Sommo is a modern, young, and growing company. I am working here for 10 months now as a nocode developer, and during this time I have gained a lot of experience and feel my growth. I couldn’t even imagine working for such a great company and dealing with interesting projects, meeting new incredible people, gaining valuable experience and I’m really thankful for it.
Sommo gives a lot of opportunities to learn new skills and improve the level of English, and always listens to the opinions of teammates. And although the company works remotely, the team has the warmest and friendliest relationship.
And importantly, since the start of the war in Ukraine, Sommo has supported and continues to support its employees and the Armed forces of Ukraine.
I am very happy to be at Sommo ❤️

Підтримали: Andriy Bas

Thanks for your kind words 😊. And thanks for being with us almost from the very beginning.
Inspiring to see your growth! Never stop 🚀

It’s a true match!
I have been working at NCNP for 4 month and I’m so excited being a part of such a talented team.
I was so happy getting the offer from Andriy Bas and couldn’t even believe that it happed with me. I’m so thankful to the whole team having an opportunity to develop so fast at the position of Project-Product manager. These 4 months gave me really lots of experience, especially at Product Management, it is fantastic! As for tech skills I can surely say that I had lots of gaps before, but now I feel more confident when I move projects to the dev stage, especially in chat with customers.
I think I can say lots of good things about NCNP unstoppable, so in short what I love NCNP for is:
— possibility to develop your skills;
— fantastic approach to the project development stages;
— cool management;
— friendly atmosphere with team members;
— completely different projects;
— good salary.
To sum up I would like to say lots of good words to Andriy Bas and Roman Furman one more time. Guys, thanks for support, I’m in love with you both and all NCNP team)))

Thanks so much for a warm review, Sofia.
Glad you’ve joined our team, and excited to ship so many products together! 🚀

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