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Solve.Care invites you to change the global healthcare system with us! Acknowledged as the top healthcare platform on the blockchain, we are always delighted to see creative thinkers with innovative solutions that can help us bring transparency, simplicity, and efficiency to the healthcare systems worldwide.

As a part of Solve.Care team, you will be at the core of healthcare platform development that will eliminate everything daunting and repelling that has been associated with health administration. We are in negotiations with the prospects in the US, Canada, Governments in Asia and Europe, clinical organizations in the Middle East. It shows the depth and breadth of the appeal of our platform.

Solve.Care welcomes you to apply not just for a job, but for a life-changing mission that makes the difference in everyone’s life. We come to the office not to write codes; our goal is to make sure the families around the world get better care and pay less for it with the use of healthcare and blockchain technologies.

Why join to Solve.Care team

- A pioneer product IT company that effectively introduced the use of blockchain in healthcare and presented the efficiency of digital currency to make healthcare payments.
- The company has partnered with one of the largest health organizations in the US and launched its app on App Store and Google Play. The product is being adopted among the network of more than 5500 physicians.
- While being managed from Kyiv, Ukraine, with the headquarters in the city, we are actively developing partnerships and have our representatives in the countries around the globe including USA, Canada, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.
- Leadership comprises executives with deep domain expertise in healthcare and IT industries. Our CEO has spent more than 26 years in healthcare IT and has been working with healthcare initiatives of two US Presidents to design and build several public program solutions including Medicaid and Medicare.