**Solus Group: Trusted Tech Partner For Your Project** After 12 iterations of edits our copywriter came up with this description of what we do: **· Performing Marketing that Fosters Long-Term Bonds** **· Navigating Success in M&A** **· Empowering Communities with Intelligent Automation** It could have been better?
20 січня 2023

Team Lead / Senior Influencers Manager (вакансія неактивна)

Львів $1600–2400

Since 2017, we have called ourselves the “Tribe of Digitals”. Once we realized that 6 years of marketing battles turned us into a “Coordinated Army of Digital Experts” with tribe spirit.

Company’s vision: We bring the data, combine it with experience and creativity to find the right audience, and use the right funnels to find those for whom the project will become world-changing.

Company’s mission: We are not aiming to sell; we are aiming to build relationships that matter.

Our goals: The world is revolutionizing from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. And we as a Solus team were lucky enough to be pioneers in the blockchain space. So that our aim is to bring mass adoption by connecting worthy projects with worthy people via doing high-quality marketing.

Shortly about the position: are you sick and tired of boring TV-style integrations with KOLs for boring brands that have 1000+ analogues in the world?

Are you receiving a great pinch of dopamine from working 24/7 once you realize that you manage to attract a few billion dollars to the client thanks to a nicely done advertising campaign?

If you’re still with us, then it looks like we are more compatible than we ever thought.

No, we are not looking for “God of creativity”, who could figure out the idea for the integration during a 1-month retreat somewhere in India.

We are rather looking for experienced hard-working professional, who is ready to work hard, but play harder.

What skills do you need for this vacancy?
— 2+ years of experience in the marketing sphere;
— 1+ years of experience in the influence marketing sphere;
— Experience in managing marketing teams and strong trouble-solving skills;
— Analytical skills that allow to predict and achieve influence campaign metrics;
— Proven negotiation skills — you know how to get the best value while setting up a successful partnership;
— B2+ level of English;
— A self-starter mentality.

What additional qualities can come in useful?
— Experience of working with blockchain/fintech companies;
— Passion and strong understanding in crypto sphere
— Network in web 3.0 sphere
— Established strong contacts with KOLs that could be used in our position.

What will be your responsibilities?
— Create and manage implementation of KOLs’ collaboration strategies for web 3.0 projects
— Manage a team of crypto marketers and ensure completion of team KPIs;
— Create and optimize influence marketing strategies and ensure their execution;
— Conduct crisis-style negotiations with clients and KOLs;
Take part in the creation and implementation of the strategic company development roadmap;
— Act like a troubleshooter and be ready to help to each team member with each task.

What do we offer for your growth?
— Adaptive 24/7 schedule that allows you to sync your working hours with a team to ensure efficient communication;
— Convenient office in the eye-pleasing, comfortable district of Lviv, well-developed infrastructure, and fine views. The area is easy to reach from any part of the city;
— Ability to work remotely while visiting an office on pre-arrange days;
— No dress code requirements. We want to create a comfortable atmosphere in the office to allow you to focus on things that matter;
— A friendly and cooperative team. We like to party, and we often organize company offsites. And we even have our own cook with Michelin reward (almost).