Solus Group

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**Solus Group: Trusted Tech Partner For Your Project**

After 12 iterations of edits our copywriter came up with this description of what we do:

**· Performing Marketing that Fosters Long-Term Bonds**

**· Navigating Success in M&A**

**· Empowering Communities with Intelligent Automation**

It could have been better? Have you ever tried to come up with a unique few sentences description for a group of companies that provides huge range of Web3 solutions?

**Just to be clear Solus Group is:**

· **[Solus B]** — Web 3.0 Marketing & Consulting Agency, working with Tier 1 crypto projects from 2017

· **[Solus T]** — Telegram marketing and consulting agency that crafts growth strategies with diverse expertise in marketing, content creation and community engagement

· **[Mergewave Capital]** — M&A and IR advisory company for Web 3.0/IT/Fintech

· **[] -** AI-driven Web3 oriented SaaS platform that automates up to 90% of community management processes

**Solus Group.** “We are your trusted partner. Let’s make you unforgettable, shall we?”